So I am very excited. I have been having the time of my life. I feel like it is 2006 again. Lol. I am losing weight and working on getting back to my model shape. Also, I am moving back to the town I always wanted to go back to.  In doing so, I am getting rid of many items of clothing and shoes and etc that I have that I don’t even wear or remember that I have.  In summary, Life is going awesome!! Yay!!!


Hello Everyone,

So I am back to blogging now and right now I am working on designing and updating a couple of my blogs. Also, I am letting all my blogger friends know that I am back into blogging and lots of info and etc. I love all my blogger friends they are the best! I have learned so much from them. I have some anonymous blogs and some blogs that everyone knows is me. However, best of all, I love blogging! Sometimes you just have to let the entire world know what’s going on. LOL..Bloggers Unite 1 2 3 Everyone. Stay Tuned. I will be updating this blog, I am working on updating more than one blog, so it will take some time.

Thanks y’all.




My Millionaire List

My goal is to become a multi-millionaire before 30. The point behind that is to aim high so that I get as close as possible to that goal even if it is not at the exact age of 30. I am currently 22 years old as of today. I love and decided to create […]

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